The Biography of Squeakerbobeaker

    Okay, some of you mouse liker/lover people probably want to know who the heck S.B.B. is.  Well, he's a stuffed mousy.  YEAH, I know it's a stupid name, and everything, but I happen to know a few boys and girls who love him (for some reason, boys like him better.)  Anyway, here's his story.  One day, I was having lunch with my buddy Jo.  She's very nice and one of our dearest friends.  I've known her since forever. Okay, well, we were at IHOP, where we were having breakfast.  Well ,out of her purse pops out a little mouse.  Well, I was surprised and happy because I'm a gal who LOVES mice and stuffed animals and the two of them together was GREAT!

Blah, blah, blah.  Time Passes.

    I found my mouse in my old backpack years later.  I LOVE him, and made a website in his honor.  Stupid story,  huh?