Maddie W.

Do you like mice?  If you're on this website, you have to.  I'm old enough to have an ok website, so don't worry.  You also have to like monkeys.  SqueakerBoBeaker.com is where you can learn about mice and monkeys, how to draw them, to see movies on them, and lots more!
PS. You have to LOVE Calvin and Hobbes too.

By the way, if parts of the site aren't set up yet, don't worry.  We just haven't finished the site.
IF you SEE more tabs with nothing on them, those are coming.
Please, if you can, leave a comment on my blog.  We want your ideas!

Do YOU lOVE micE?

Please love mice!  Own one today, and be happy.   I love mice SO MUCH!!!  Please love monkeys too!!

Isn't he cute?!!!  I love him!  (to the left)

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