The Least Polite Foods to Eat


1. Popcorn.  "The only food that you have to stuff as much of it as you can into your mouth before chewing."  Tecnatcly, this isn't true, but most people do this, and so most of the time, it's rude to eat.  But, most people can control themselfs when they have to.  WARNING!  Don't share in movies if it's a scary  movie.  Occasionally you or your friend(s), will throw, or jump the popcorn into the air.

2.  Watermelon.  "All that spitting of seeds, and stuff... the only food eaten the same by monkeys and humans."  True, this is a burden, but, if you're willing to eat the seeds whole, (it won't kill you) that might save you a lot of trouble, and unwanted watermelon.  Not the worst, but not the best.

3.  Spaggetii